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Descarga Libro Encyclopedia Of Entomology Pdf de Capinera John L

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Encyclopedia Of Entomology Pdf de Capinera John L

Acerca de Encyclopedia Of Entomology de Capinera John L

The `Encyclopedia of Entomology` brings together the expertise of more than 450 distinguished entomologists from 40 countries to provide a worldwide overview of insects and their close relatives. Combining the basic science of an introductory text with accurate, comprehensive detail, the Encyclopedia is a reliable first source of reference for students and working professionals. Coverage includes insect classification, behavior, ecology, genetics and evolution, physiology, and management, and references to relevant literature. All the major arthropod groups are addressed, along with many important families and species. The Encyclopedia places special emphasis on insect relationships with people, medical entomology, biological control and insect pathology.

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