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Cherryh C J – Chanur 05 – Chanurs Legacy En inglés.The Compact is at peace, thanks to a treaty brokered by Pyanfar Chanur, elevating her to a newly created position as President of Compact Space. Eight years later, Hilfy Chanur, Pyanfar`s niece, former crew member of The Pride of Chanur and captain of her own ship, Chanur`s Legacy, arrives at Meetpoint Station. There No`shto-shti-stlen, the stsho stationmaster, offers her a million-credit contract to deliver a precious oji (cultural artifact) to Atli-lyen-tlas, the stsho ambassador at Urtur Station. Hilfy, unaware of trouble ahead, accepts the contract and takes aboard the oji and its stsho guardian. Legacy`s ordeal begins when they can not find Atli-lyen-tlas. A mahen faction that many mahendo`sat believe to have `the Momentum` (a mystical force) wants the oji and is hunting for the stsho ambassador. Vikktakkht, a kif hakkikt, rescues Atli-lyen-tlas and `shelters` gtst in kif space, persuading Hilfy to come and fetch gtst. Hilfy rescues Atli-lyen-tlas, but discovers that gtst, due to the stress of gtst`s ordeal and old age, has become gtsta, or neuter, and cannot accept the oji, which turns out to constitute a marriage proposal from No`shto-shti-stlen. With the help of Vikktakkht, Hilfy returns to Meetpoint, now under the control of the mahen faction, and frees No`shto-shti-stlen, presenting gtst with Atli-lyen-tlas and the oji, thus completing a complex politically oriented marriage contract. The mahendo`sat are ousted from Meetpoint and control is returned to the stsho.

Descarga Libro Chanur 05 Chanurs Legacy Rtf de Cherryh C J


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